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Oct. 21st, 2010 @ 07:39 am black is back n back is black!
wow. it seems like its been forever... hi, again. lj 
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Feb. 11th, 2006 @ 08:47 am Does L.O.V.E. = E.V.O.L.?

I know it's been a looooong time since my last entry here. And honestly, the reason I've kept this blog sacred is bc of the special and dear person that introduced me to livejournal. Lynley, I hope 2006 is going great for you. I still care a whole lot about you. I'll never forget the energy and passion we shared on and off stage of PHS. Felling welcome and accepted meant so much to me. Just wanted you to know...

Anyway...today i feel inspired to speak to people that are in love but question it

do you love yourself?
do you put love above all else?
that you should drop everything
and put love at the top of the list
and wish that that person
excursion or maybe even mission
to win them in
and over that you should remove that block
resting upon your shoulder
that the chip becomes edible
and your back becomes a recliner
and you can find him or her
there waiting to be be with you
without a clue of what to do
when you obviously know it takes two
so know when to let go
and drop the pursuit
that zoot-suit-riot
is being defiant
of you being true to your... self...

the word gets confused with the action
but our actions get blurred with emotion
if only love were a potion of pure design
then maybe we can find the recipe for perfection
that sweet nectar like a fine wine
simply devine that morsel of confection
reject it all until you can live to enjoy the wonders
and learn from the blunders
as it leaves us scarred and broken asunder
wanting to crawl back under
our covers and pillows
feeling like that weeping willow that hangs low
but still...

It may bend and it may sway
but never falls in dismay
as long as its roots are strong
it will live on
so again be true to your existence
build up that resistance
show confidence in each step along the way...

because you alone know who you are.
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Jan. 11th, 2005 @ 12:48 am (no subject)
we meet again... you've gotten thin. i'm sorry i haven't been feeding you. i've been writing on someone else. but finding someone to connect to through you has brought me back to you. can you feel it? take it. taste it. scratch your head with it. it feels... warm. O_o
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Sep. 20th, 2004 @ 12:47 am (no subject)
OMG!!!! Just got back from Philly! It was awesome! Y'all had to be there.. BOOK IT! Charlie Durso... gettin it done. got 1 sign up and 2 follow ups this past week. momentum is high and now all eyes forward towards eagleship!
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Sep. 12th, 2004 @ 11:35 am killing time
at work right now... jeez sears is going downhill... there's been a total of 5 customers in the past 2.5 hours buying items we need to bring out. well, at least it's my last day. i start macy's on the 20th.
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Sep. 12th, 2004 @ 01:32 am (no subject)
Current Mood: sweet-t00thed...
Current Music: Sammi Cheng - happy or not happy off Summer Holiday ST
hahahhaha today was so funny... work at sears was "eh" as usual except for the fact that our elevator was malfunctioning. the one that's supposed to keep us in business while the main freight elevator is being upgraded decided to not work correctly and not close tight. so what do we do? we go use the HOOOOOOOE! hehehe as people struggle to get the door to close and go down to the warehouse, me n the other mpu's scream up, "YA GOTTA USE THE HO! USE IT!!!"

later on we used it so much it got loose and we we opted for an axe to take over the job.
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Sep. 11th, 2004 @ 01:31 am (no subject)
Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: B2K - Why I Love You
daaam! just saw resident evil apocalypse!!! everyone should go see it...

on a darker note, I got a ticket for driving a lil wrecklessly... I turned left and nearly clipped another car :/ my bad... at least no one was hurt. I got let off with a warning. so yea. I guess it was an overall ok nite.

o yea! getting my t-mobile phone manana b4 daily events! ^_^
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Jul. 20th, 2004 @ 10:38 am this dummy didn't wear his seatbelt...
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Steadman - Wave Goodbye
one of my co-workers was actually getting a mail-order bride! til he found out she had a bf... **there's a big surprise** so he calls it off and throws a tantrum in the warehouse. there's 5 other guys when business slows down and we all try to make him feel better. I ask him "what about that hot girl from vacuums?" he says she's too ditsy, like jessica simpson and her buffalo wings incident. "she's so blonde, if i asked her if she thought "chicken of the sea" was chicken or tuna, she'd probably say tuna" O_O yah... ok...
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Jul. 19th, 2004 @ 01:13 am stalker??? or curious monkey... hehehe
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: snoring in the next room... ewww... sleep time myself.
kenny's LJ stalker is marybethmb!
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Jul. 19th, 2004 @ 12:01 am drama drama drama...
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: distant murmur of *nick @ nite*
wow... *hey, didn't i start out my other entry like that???* neway, lotz have happened since last. i find that if i really reflect on what happens in a day, you find lots to write down... can't wait till i have a pc that is connected to a projector with the keyboard that swivels in front of me as i sit up in my bed... let's take a moment to picture that... MmMMMmmm... NO, NOT ME!? the setup! hehe neway, yah... that's one of my goals as a business owner.

so my mom called me on wednesday... "hi honey" "hi mommy" "what're you up to?" "nothing, just watching tv... what's up?" "oh, nothing. guess what?" "what?" "i'm coming to new jersey" "OoOOooo... when?" "tonight" "tonight?!" "yea, my plane leaves at 2 so i have to be there by 11" **keep in mind, it is 12pm here, meaning it's 9am there in kali** "when did you decide this???" "oh, i planned it out little while ago but i didn't get to call anyone to say anything" so she called me first and didn't plan where to stay, i had to call my sister to tell her mom is coming and she needs to stay at your place for the night before she goes to her brother's house to stay/work for a month to help him open his new salon/make money as well before she hops back to kali. but she also gets a chance to spend some quality time with her 2 kids :p wow... so i get to call sis and she's like, "daaaam! she's so spontaneous!" so funny... what's worse is this...

**friday nite on a drive home from work** "hi kenny" "hi mommy" "kenny, can u come pick me up from ***$$##'s house and take me to your sister's house?" "what? why?" "because i'm going back to kali soon. i don't like it here." "what? what happened? did you argue with your brother?" "anyway, i'm not happy." no sooner did she get here that she was racing to get back to kali... is our weather THAT depressing?? hahahha i dunno... never found out why she really was going back 4 weeks earlier than she planned to stay.

so i was happy, then eh... then sad, and confused, then eh... i'm over it.

jeez. worked my butt off this weekend. i closed on fri (4:30-10pm), opened saturday with extra hours (8am-8:30pm), then all day sunday (9-7:30pm) kinda offset the 12 hours i was supposed to work all week... hehehe now im soooo done... but lemme mention something i heard coming home tonight.

90.3 core radio peeps were talking and they all work at a seafood place as servers. they had to read this whole server ettiquette (spelling?) for their job... when they got into this conversation about customers needing better ettiquettes before they improve their own... **i personally agree** i mean, even the rudest person i know got to have better customer manners when her best friend became a server.

so here's the few things they said would make them feel proud about being a server **aka make them happy**

1. address them by their name
**i.e. don't just use "sir/mame/hey you/you there" or snap/whistle... JUST ASKING FOR SPIT IN YOUR FOOD!!!**
2. say please and thank you when asking/receiving items... **i always say thank you, but I've never realized to say please... :( **

they said they'd rather someone tip 10% and be happy for a great service than getting 15% after a nightmare

i totally agree because i also work in a customer service field... onlee difference is i serve items from sears :/ i'm bound to get items out to customers within 5 minutes of them starting to wait for their items. i understand it's to help them get the hell out of the store and into the world to use the item and have something nice to say about their shopping experience in the meanwhile (: hehehe but there's degrees of abuse involved in the customer etiquette:
for example, if theres a sign that says "please, bring car to pick-up area before scanning receipt" that's not just to inconvenience the customer... that's to get them to spend 2 more minutes in something they're going to do anyway... it gives me 2 more minutes to bring the item up... ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'RE BUYING A WHOLE PATIO SET! jeez... expect me to get it in 5 minutes when the elevator takes 2 minutes to go down, open, close, up, and finally open... sheesh... no teleporters here. >:( and please, don't get offended if someone brings out a camera before your washer... your washer is just waiting right there to be picked up like the camera is in the secured room upstairs... whereas your washer is downstairs, on the other side of the store where i have to go through 3 sets of doors just to access it... jeez... let me stop this sarcasm... it's bad. but honestly, as a customer service person, my job is to make your experience shopping at our establishment better than it would have been at any other store... and to do that, i need to bring out the item as fast/soon as possible. but if i can't do yours, i'm going to move on. not to mention the fact that there are 3 other people working in the department so there might be someone else working on your item. but the whole name thing... i don't like it. i'll use it for other people, but it seems shady when someone calls my name out like they've known me when they're not gonna remember my face (let alone my name) the next day. hehehe

**on a funny note!!!** there's this guy at work that's been teaching me german! so i know how to say hello "gootenhaug" hey, i can say it... not spell it... and goodbye "alfeedizane"
and today (because i keep tricking him with chicken butt) he taught me "something something 'ein aush ficker'" which is supposed to mean you are an ass fucker... but i misheard him and kept saying "ein aush flipper?" i'm like, "what? you're an ass flipper? what about dolphins?" u kno... since english is mainly germanic in origin...

ok... now i'm tired. time to wash my face... then slep.
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